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The webcam on the Burrowing Owls on my front lawn is working finally!  Near the camera, I installed a perch, but the owls haven’t been using it.  Today they did.  Now you can get a real close up view of the Burrowing Owl, and if you look to the center left, you will see the other owl coming out of the burrow entrance.  How cool is this!!!!!!  This is a screen shot of the camera on my website. Of course I wasn’t quick enough to get the owls face.

To access the camera, visit http://capecoralburrowingowls.com  Do not use Internet Explorer to access the camera.  You must use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.  Download instructions are on the website.

Owl in Camera

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  1. I’ve constructed numerous artificial nest sites for the burrowing owls here in El Paso, TX. I’d like to set up a webcam inside the nest box. I would really like some information and advise about what type of equipment to use and where to purchase them?

    Thank you,

    1. Lois,
      Thanks for contacting me about setting up a webcam. I am afraid I can’t really help you a lot, but I will tell you my “story” and hope it helps. I guess you know that I have a family of Burrowing Owls living on my front lawn. People often stop by to watch them, as the nest is only about 15 feet from the road. One day a guy was out there, with a neighbor, so I went out to talk to them. To make a long story short, the guy asked why I didn’t have a web cam on the owls. I told him the the City of Cape Coral was talking about putting a camera on the owls, but with the economy the way it was, I wasn’t holding my breath. He proceeded to tell me that he was the general manager of a company that just moved into a HUGE new warehouse with amazing robotic equipment. He said he was pretty sure he had some webcams in the office that weren’t going to be used. Low and behold 2 days later I had a webcam. In order to run the camera, we needed power. So $150.00 or so later we came back from Home Depot with all the electrical stuff to hook up the camera.
      On the hottest day of the year, mid July in Florida, we ran all the wiring from our front lawn to the back of the house where my computer was located. So that tells you to make sure you get a wireless camera and that you have power available near the installation.
      The camera was from a company called TrendNet and they were very good about helping me get the camera up and running.
      I then decided to buy another camera with Infrared lighting so I can see the owls at night. Here in Florida they sit for hours and hours on a perch and don’t move. Very boring! At night they were very active. I got the camera from a company called Foscam. They were able to get the camera working so I could see it on my computer, and my cell phone, but I could never get it on to my website like the original camera. $200 worth of 2 tech support companies later, a guy finally got it running on the website. I turns out that the new camera is not really compatible with Internet Explorer. There is a language that some cameras use and others don’t that Internet Explorer is fussy about. I think it needs to have H-264, but I am not positive on that. I am up in North Carolina now and don’t have the book for the camera. But make sure the camera is compatible with IE and that you will be able to put it on a website if that’s what you want to do.

      I looked into companies that would host the camera so I don’t have to run it on my computer but that was even more expensive. The Decorah Eagles people uses such a company.
      Another thing to think about if you decided to put it on the Internet is that if it gets really popular your hosting company may have a limit on the amount of bandwidth you are allowed, so you may have to upgrade your service.
      So, if I were to do it again, I think I would look to purchase a dual camera system so I could monitor multiple cameras. I would then put one inside the nest box and one outside.

      I purchase everything from the Internet.

      Well that gives you some food for thought but it doesn’t answer your question as to which to buy. I hope it was of some help and if you have any more questions, I will certainly try to answer them. Contact me through my email capeowls@gmail.com.


  2. I am bringing my 7 daughter Emmaley to Ft Myers in a few days. We are loving watching your web cam! Can’t wait to come see the burrowing owls.

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